Marine Composite Decking

Marine Composite Decking

Superior water- and UV-resistance makes Latitudes® Marine decking shipshape for building docks, boardwalks and other waterfront structures. Wood decking in the same application severely fades, warps, splits and rots, while Marine decking keeps looking great and performing well year after year. Plus, its slip-resistant finish provides more sure footing—an especially nice quality for surfaces that are often wet.

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Latitudes Marine decking is offered in stouter boards (1-1/4" thick by 5-7/16" wide) designed for 24" on-center joint spans are common to marine construction. It is made using the same exclusive Strandex® technology as all of our Latitudes marine boards, comes in the same four colors, and provides the same exceptional longevity and low maintenance requirements. All of which makes Latitudes Marine decking the peerless choice for your next waterfront project.

Intrepid Gray

Woodgrain / Brushed

Intrepid Cedar

Woodgrain / Brushed

Intrepid Redwood

Woodgrain / Brushed

Intrepid Walnut

Woodgrain / Brushed

Marine board dimensions

Available in 12-, 16-, and 20-foot lengths

25 Year Structural, 10 Year Commercial Warranty

Latitudes Marine composite decking is covered by a 10-year limited warranty when installed in commercial applications and a 25-year limited warranty when installed and used in residential applications.

Marine Load / Span Chart
Marine Decking Used as Stair Treads Maximum Span
Maximum Point Load
Marine Decking (1.250" × 5.438") 12" 300 lbs.

Note: Based on three span, four support condition. Marine decking shall be fastened to each joist.

  Maximum Uniform Live Load
  100 pounds per square foot (psf) 200 pounds per square foot (psf)
  Maximum Support Span Between Joists
Marine Board Used as Decking
Marine Decking (1.250" × 5.438") 24" on-center 19.2" on-center

Note: Based on two span, three support condition. Marine decking shall be fastened to each joist. Tabulated spans are based on live load deflection limit of L/360.